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Friday, October 08, 2010

Another one? Go on then.

Another image from the early stages of the Identity assignment.
This is Anita.
She has 5 children, so I wondered if she still thinks she is the same person she was before becoming a mother...
I preferred the effect of the diffused light from the window in this image, and the captured movement of the excitable children in the foreground.
This was only my second shoot and I ended up taking one of my favourite shots of the whole assignment, and it made me change the direction of my work.

The image of the two girls, Rowen and Elinor, made me stop thinking about a mother's loss of identity, but instead at the formation of a child's identity and I began to question when they become conscious of their appearance in front of the camera.
This shaped the rest of the work for my final assignment and became the subject of my dissertation.

These were shot on my Yashica 124 using Fuji 160s medium format film.

Some proof that I have actually done some work at some point in my life.

So for my final assignment in my last year of my degree I decided to explore the idea of identity.
I know it's a widely documented subject in photography, but I wanted to start by looking at a mothers identity and how a woman changes after having children; losing her own identity but creating a new one along with her new responsibilities and lifestyle changes.
As a new mother (my son was 4 weeks old when I started this assignment) my life had changed dramatically and I felt that my life was no longer my own because there was someone much more important.

This was my starting image.
Shot on my Yashica TLR, using Fuji Pro 160s medium format film.

I'm crap.

So I never did anything with this did I?
I guess trying to be a mummy, working 2 jobs and attempting to finish my degree kept me busy.
So now I'm going to actually do some stuff.
I went to the self publishing fair in Manchester last Sunday, and I realised I really need to start being creative again.
I finished my degree in July, it's now October and I haven't done anything since I left.
So I'm setting myself new assignments and I'm going to be a trendy art fag once again.
I'm also going to put some previous work on here as I develop some sort of portfolio and if I ever actually get any followers they can tell me how amazing I am.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

So I made a blog.

Pretty sweet, no?

That's me over there (in the photo, I'm not actually in your house or anything because that would just be weird... Unless I know you, in which case it wouldn't be weird and I know I'm typing nonsensical nonsense here but it's in brackets so you'll pretty much ignore it anyway) I thought I'd post a photo because it'll help us reach a whole new level of friendship right here, right now.
So 'Hi' I guess, let's get to it.

Stay gold pony boy (or pony lady).